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Through this new updated procedure registered voters will have the oppurtunity and ability to utilize the process of ordering and purchasing data by election or by voter's registration.

The sections in which to choose will be divided into groups, such as: House Districts, Senate Districts, Precincts, Municipalities, Counties, and County Councils.  Further refinement in the data request areas include: date of election, age, race, sex, and the Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act (UOCAVA).

Once the order is submitted and payment is made by credit card, an email confirmation will be sent with information that the order is complete and ready to download usually within 24 hours.

* Notice to All Requestors of Records

State law requires every public body to provide the following notice to all requestors of records:

Obtaining or using public records for commercial solicitation directed to any person in this State is prohibited under South Carolina Code Section 30-2-50.

In addition, a person or private entity shall not knowingly obtain or use any "personal information" obtained from a public body for commercial solicitation directed to any person in the State. Section 30-2-50(A). "Personal information" is defined as follows: Information that identifies or describes an individual including, but not limited to, an individual's photograph or digitized image, social security number, date of birth, driver's identification number, name, home address, home telephone number, medical or disability information, education level, financial status, bank account(s) number(s), account or identification number issued by and/or used by any federal or state governmental agency or private financial institution, employment history, height, weight, race, other physical details, signature, biometric identifiers, and any credit records or reports. Section 30-2-30(1).

PENALTY: A person knowingly violating the provisions of 30-2-50(A) is guilty of a misdemeanor and, upon conviction, must be fined an amount not to exceed five hundred dollars or imprisoned for a term not to exceed one year, or both. Section 30-2-50(D).

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